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Our Story

Crafted with love, lust and pixie dust, PlantMojo is a 3-step plant care kit that completes your gardening wizardry from start to end.

Much like the microbial technology behind our soil products, PlantMojo’s ethos lies in an everlasting magic, centred around the cycle of life. That’s the charm of PlantMojo; using life to create life! PlantMojo builds a cycle of good energy (or Jojo juju, as we like to call it) that sow the magic of your plants and liven your spirit, because #plantsmakepeoplehappy. Psst, we're 100% organic too!

Indiegogo Updates

We’ve come to the end of our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and learnt a lot along the way despite not reaching our goal. We definitely want to do better for you and your plants, so we’re going back to our quaint greenhouses and drawing up plans for the future.

Stay tuned, PlantMojo will be back!

Brew The Mojo

Give your plants the enchantment they deserve and get your home garden flourishing with these 3 simple steps.

Step 1

  1. Empty contents of sachet into a canister with 1L of water
  2. Let pixie dust soak for 6 to 12 hours
  3. Pour 'Prep' solution into soil
Step 2

To be applied about 2 weeks after 'Prep'.
  1. Empty contents of sachet into a canister with 1L of water
  2. Let pixie dust soak for 12 - 24 hours
  3. Pour 'Nourish' solution into soil
Step 3

To be applied 1 week after 'Nourish' or when applicable
  1. Empty contents of sachet into a canister with 1L of water
  2. Let pixie dust soak for 12 to 24 hours
  3. Spray 'Cure' solution directly onto leaves

'Prep', 'Nourish' and 'Cure' may also be used individually depending on your plant's needs.

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Some say PlantMojo is pure sorcery; pixie dust made with love and lust for life. What it really is; a 100% organic microbial plant care solution in powder form packaged as a 3-step kit: 'Prep', 'Nourish', and 'Cure'.

'Prep' is a soil conditioner that contains cellulolytic, ligninolytic and proteolytic decomposition that aids in overcoming the effects of low pH, Pyrite, Iron, and Aluminum in soils.

  • K2O: 21,28 ppm
  • Mn: 21,28 ppm
  • Zn: 41,6 ppm
  • Fe: 117,3 ppm
  • Humic Compounds: 35%
  • Streptomyces: 27,5 x 105cfu/gram
  • Thricoderma: 27,5 x 106 cfu/gram
  • Geobacillus: 1 x 106 cfu/gram

'Nourish' is a microbial fertiliser that promotes growth, disease immunity, and effective restoration of soil fertility rate and microbial population.

  • Azospirillum: 1,2 x 107 cfu/gram
  • Bacillus: 4,2 x 108 cfu/gram
  • Trichoderma: 3,2 x 107 cfu/gram
  • Pseudomonas: 2,1 x 107 cfu/gram

'Cure' is a bio-pesticide in the form of dissolved flour that stops brown planthoppers, aphids and thrips from harming the plant.

  • Metarhizium: 1 x 106 cfu/gram
  • Beauveria: 1 x 106 cfu/gram

Full instructions are available at our Brew The Mojo section.

When using 'Prep' and 'Nourish', pour the usual amount of liquid as you would when watering your plants. For 'Cure', spray the solution sufficiently to lightly cover the leaves and branches of your plants.

PlantMojo in its yet-to-be activated pixie dust form inside sealed sachets can last up to three years upon production.

Once activated by adding water to brew and use, the microbes inside the magic liquid stays alive for up to three days (72 hours), after which its effectiveness will not be at its maximum potency.

PlantMojo works well on any soil and plants, especially those with fruit or tuber growth as 'Nourish' aids with vegetative production.

Store the 3-step sachets in a cool, dry place. Alternatively/ideally, you may even seal the pixie dust up and place the packs in your freezer.

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